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Conventional Strategies

LCM's conventional strategies cover the full range of "style boxes". We have expanded on our UIT strategies by implementing our stock selection on a monthly basis so that over a year investors hold 12 sub-portfolios within each strategy. This should add active management and diversification to each of the strategies.

These strategies include a Large Cap Dividend Growth Strategy (DGS), Large Cap High Yield, Large Cap Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP), Large Cap Growth, Large Cap Value, Midcap Growth, Midcap Value, Small Cap Growth, and Small Cap Value. These strategies are all similarly constructed while holding true to their benchmark with no style drift.

For each portfolio we start with our selection universe, be it the Russell 2000 for our small cap, the S&P 400 Midcap for our Midcap, or the Russell 1000 for our large cap strategies. We then screen for the appropriate style that we are looking for, for example Momentum for Growth styles, or Price to Book for Value styles. Every single strategy uses as its final screen our proprietary Earnings Pressure algorithm.

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