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Christian Values Strategies

LCM's Christian Values Strategies are very similar to the Conventional Strategies. However, before we implement our standard screens, we exclude from our selection universe those stocks that are impermissible as put forth in the 2003 Conference of Catholic Bishops' Letter. This letter set the guidelines for ethical investing based on the principles of Catholic teachings. We receive the list of impermissible stocks from an outside data-vender that applies the different objective screens to reach a list of "sin stocks". While this list of stocks was set forth based on Catholic guidelines, we have also found this list to be in accord with the other Christian Denominations, and can be easily and readily customized.

Once we have eliminated the noncompliant stocks, we proceed as in our conventional strategies to come up with strategies that hold true to their conventional benchmarks while filling in the "style boxes" to allow for asset allocation and diversification across equity size and style.

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